The world’s luxury-goods market stopped growing this year, according to a forecast from researcher Bain & Co., as the industry struggles to emerge from one of its weakest periods since the global recession.
Sales of personal luxury goods from Louis Vuitton coats to Hermes handbags are projected to linger at about 249 billion euros ($273 billion) in 2016, the weakest performance since 2009 at constant exchange rates. At actual rates, sales are set to slip 1 percent, Bain predicts.
The outlook adds to the gathering gloom around the industry. Burberry Group Plc this week reported declines in its Asian business and worsening results at its wholesale unit.
The luxury market is entering a slower “new normal”, said Claudia D’Arpizio, head of Bain & Co.’s luxury division. The top of the market “will not have an enormous number of new consumers coming up in the near future.”


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BB ha detto...

Interessante paolo, ma non mi torna una cosa. Dato che la svizzera non rientra più nella black list, l'accertamento può andare indietro solo di 5 anni.

niko ha detto...

Per le persone che non hanno aderito alla 1^ dc valgono sempre 10 anni